Images in Motion - Fall 2015

VAC Digital Lab presents IMAGES IN MOTION Fall 2015

Guest Presentation-Workshops, Black Family Visual Arts Center, Rm 109.

4pm-530pm, Tuesdays


10/6 Patricia Hannaway • 3D Character Animation

Patricia graduated from Smith College in 1984 with a BA in Art History and a Minor in Economics. Working on Wall Street as a Corporate Analyst, she decided to further her education in Fine Art and Computer Graphics, earning two Master's degrees from the NY Academy in Traditional Painting and the School of Visual Arts in Computer Graphics. Recruited by Walt Disney Feature Animation, she trained as a Computer Character Animator and also worked for Dreamworks, Industrial Light & Magic and Weta Digital, New Zealand. Some of her film credits include: "Mulan", "Pocahontas", "Lilo and Stitch", "Star Wars", "Antz", "Shrek" and "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers", where she was Senior Animator for the character, "Gollum". Currently, Patricia is doing development work on a new film project at Aardman Animations in the UK, and was appointed Adjunct Professor of Digital Arts in Computer Science at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. She splits her time between teaching and fine art, in order to prepare work for upcoming exhibitions. A featured artist for American Artist Magazine, she was interviewed for Winter 2008, and will be in the upcoming Spring 2014 edition discussing composition for painting. (From

10/27 Ben Silberfarb • Digital Cinematography

Ben’s love of film began when he frequented showings of independent films with his parents. His interest developed at Dartmouth (class of 1990) where he studied under screenwriters John Michael Hayes (Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, etc) and Bill Phillips. He holds a Masters from Yale University and produced the feature film Brief Reunion. Ben has written, produced and directed many short films, documentaries and commercials for web, television and international distribution. He is the Managing Director of Kagami Films, currently in pre-production for its second feature film. U

11/3 Jamie Dickinson • Color Grading

Highly versatile online editor and colourist with experience in graphics, compositing, grading, film and DI. In recent years I've handled everything from 35mm film scans to Canon 5DmkII, HDCam-EX, Alexa and RED files. I've delivered programmes for film print, DCP, web video and stereo-3D HDCam-SR. I've performed the conform, grade and online (and made any stereo-3D adjustments) for these, usually using Quantel Pablo as well as FCP, Color, Avid and After Effects and DaVinci Resolve.Trained as an engineer at the BBC, colour-balancing studio cameras and telecine, I moved into graphics and post-production where I quickly progressed to Supervisory Operator. I ran the Quantel Editbox suite in BBC News and Current Affairs and have since moved onto Avid|DS and Quantel eQ/Pablo, and more recently SGO Mistika and DaVinci Resolve, working on promos, ads, feature films, dramas and documentaries. I've worked on countless items for programmes like Newsnight, Panorama, Politics Show, Daily Politics, music videos such as Mr Hudson, Mumford & Sons, The Macabbees, promos for Channel Five and Sky and adverts for T-Mobile, Mazda, Pontins and Sunday Express. In addition to my work as an editor and colourist, I've also led workshops on workflows and grading at BBC TV News. (From!about1/cn6l ).,