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Mouth publishes original journalism, opinion pieces, movie/music/ book reviews, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art from Dartmouth students and contributors around the world. We also publish things that won't neatly fit in any of those categories. New issues ostensibly materialize monthly, though this is more strictly true during the academic year than during the summer.

While simultaneous and multiple submissions are allowed, we would prefer if you let us know as soon as possible if your piece is accepted elsewhere. This may or may not influence our decision to publish your stuff.

Although you are free to reprint your work elsewhere after we publish it, we would ask that you credit Mouth as the original publisher.

Non-fiction and fiction writing should be 1000-3000 words in length. We are flexible on the upper limit, but if it's over 10,000 words then we would recommend looking elsewhere. Excerpts will be considered if they can stand autonomously. 

We can't pay you because we don't have revenue or profits. We're sorry.

We only accept submissions via email or Submittable. Please include your name & the most applicable category for your work in the subject line so we can direct it to the appropriate editor.

We're also on Duotrope, if you use that to track your submissions.

[email protected]