The facilities for painting courses are located on the third floor of our new Black Family Visual Arts Center. The supplementary course fee for introductory level painting (SART025) covers a basic painting kit, including 12 cans of oil paint, 8 paintbrushes, two palette knives, a palette scraper, and credit at the Hopkins Center Woodworking Workshop for making canvas stretchers. In upper level painting and with independent studies, students purchase materials from a painting supplies catalog with a subset of their course fee. Canvas, gamsol, linseed oil, and paper are provided to all students enrolled in painting classes.

About the Discipline

Introductory painting provides instruction in basic color theory and color mixing, advancing techniques learned in Drawing I to the medium of oil paint. Students will work from still life, models, and self-portraits, and learn various techniques for applying paint to create texture, light, and form.

Class Offerings

SART 25 Painting I

Painting I is an introductory class in oil painting techniques, painting language, and critical thinking. Major topics that will be covered include: basic color theory, color mixing, paint application, and color composition. A variety of subjects such as still life, non-observational invention, and the human figure will be emphasized. Supplemental course fee required. Enrollment limited.

SART 31 Painting II

This class is a continuation of Painting I. Students will be exposed to more complex ideas about color including color as emotion, impression, and construction. More distinction will be made between indirect and direct painting techniques. Students will also begin to form a personal relationship with the formal choices they wish to address. Supplemental course fee required. Enrollment limited.

SART 72 Painting III

In this course, students will develop a cohesive body of work that addresses their aesthetic and subjective concerns. More attention will be given to contemporary artists and contemporary painting strategies and techniques. Commitment and discipline are mandatory and expected, commensurate with students' increased role in shaping their course of study. Critical thinking and decision-making will be stressed, as well as awareness of the contemporary dialogue in painting. Can be repeated for credit. Supplemental course fee required. Enrollment limited.