Current Interns

This year’s interns are Benjamin Albrecht '16, Pauline Lewis '16, Molly McBride '15, Jennifer Ontiveros '16, and Darby Raymond-Overstreet '16.  If you’d like to ask them any questions about the internship or major/minor, please do not hesitate to reach out to them. Read more below about our current interns.

2016 - 2017 Current Interns

Benjamin Albrecht '16

Benjamin was born in Santa Cruz, CA. As a high school student he was often doodling in his notes, but was focused more on music and most on athletics. At Dartmouth, after a painful end to his athletic career, he started to seriously engage in art, focusing on painting. He also studied neuroscience and is interested in the intersection between the two.

Pauline Lewis '16

Pauline was born in the Bronx, NY. Her initial interest in art began in high school, at The Fred Dolan Art Academy's auxiliary art program. While there, she illustrated a children's book by Amanda Valez, and was featured in The New York Post. At Dartmouth, Pauline intended to study to be an accountant, but her love of art brought her to a double major: economics and studio art. Pauline intends to pursue a drawing and painting career, while also studying philosophy and woman and gender studies.

Molly McBride '15

Molly was a double major in studio art and math. Although seemingly very different, math often plays into her art. In the broad sense, she thinks of both of these subjects as opportunities for process-based creation. She starts with a set of tools, but has little sense of what the finished result will be or how she will get there; something she figures out only through the reworking and interaction of these tools. Molly primarily draws and paints, and especially loves combining media. Molly's work is built upon her personal experiences and she is currently focused on ideas of control, fixation, changing relationships, and inability to let go of the past. 

Jennifer Ontiveros '16

Jennifer was raised in East Los Angeles, CA. In high school Photoshop and Illustrator classes, she learned that she could create and manipulate images. She learned to create 3D objects in sculpture classes, and works in small and large scales. Jennifer is drawn to easily malleable materials, which can be quickly formed and reformed in drastic ways, through the application of heat and other methods. Jennifer also enjoys drawing abstract line forms and printmaking. She hopes to attend graduate school for her MFA.

Darby Raymond-Overstreet '16

Darby is from Flagstaff, AZ, and her interests in artistic expression began in her childhood through drawing. This interest sustained her as an extracurricular hobby through her schooling up to high school and manifested into an area of interest to study in her freshman year at Dartmouth. Through her Dartmouth career her main areas of interest have been drawing, both digitally and with charcoals, and sculpture with various material. She hopes to pursue graduate study.