Visiting Faculty and Critics

Each term professional artists lecture on their work and critique student work. Such visits are intended to present a serious model of involvement within the discipline. There can be as many as three Visiting Faculty and Critics a term. Attendance at the presentation of visiting artists is required of all students enrolled in a Studio Art course. These are partial lists.

Outside Evaluators

  • Bill Brayton
  • Brice Brown
  • Enrique Martínez Celaya
  • Bernard Chaet
  • David Cohen
  • Lisa Corrine Davis
  • Elizabeth Duffy
  • Walter Hatke
  • Duncan Hewitt
  • Chuck Holtzman
  • Craig Kalpajkian
  • Mark Kanter
  • Justin Kimball
  • Siobhan Liddell
  • Andrea Modica
  • Sana Musasama
  • Eileen Neff
  • George Nick
  • Matthew Northridge
  • Marjorie Portnow
  • Jane Prophet
  • Julie Püttgen
  • Richard Ryan
  • Bill Seeley
  • Charles Spurrier
  • John Walker