Zenovia Toloudi

Assistant Professor, Studio Art
D.Des., Intl Assoc. AIA

Zenovia Toloudi is architect, artist, and Assistant Professor of Architecture at Studio Art, Dartmouth College. She has been research fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), and at MIT Art, Culture, and Technology (ACT). Her research builds on a cultural approach of technology, craftsmanship, and activism in architecture with installations that interplay with the physical qualities of space (air, light, sound) and their sensual perception (smell, vision, hearing) to enhance awareness and participation. Zenovia has received her doctorate from Harvard GSD, Master of Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology, and Architecture Engineering Diploma from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her doctoral dissertation, entitled On Architectural Taste and Identity: Experimenting with PICANICO Game, explores the creation of a new classification of architectural typologies that emerge from user preferences and how this compares to academic ones. She is recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, and has received several other grants, awards, and prizes.

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In 2000, Zenovia founded Studio Z, a research and creative practice for architecture, art, and urbanism. Zenovia's ephemeral and adaptive structures, and experiential installations have been exhibited internationally, including Venice Biennale, The Lab at Harvard, Athens Byzantine Museum, American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, and Illuminus Boston. Zenovia’s public art projects have been placed in buildings such as MIT Stata, New England College of Optometry, and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; and belong to art collections such as Aristotle University's Sculpture Collection, Threcian Pinacotheca, and Leslie Center for the Humanities at Dartmouth. She has presented in conferences abd symposia such as The Right to Architecture, Ambiances Demain, International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA 2015: Disruption), the Atmosphere Symposium 5, Connections (MIT Media Lab), SiGraDi, Design Computing and Cognition, and the MIT Energy Night (MIT Museum). Her essays have been published in Routledge, Technoetic Arts, MAS Context, WAr, and proceedings of ACSA 101, and 104, ICSV17, SIGraDi 2008 and 2010, and the 1st International File to Factory Symposium.

Zenovia has co-curated the exhibition Made in Greece Plus at the Boston Museum of Science, and organized many academic events including Brain.Storms, Inspire Japan; Critical Digital conferences. Beyond Dartmouth, Zenovia has taught at Harvard, MIT, IIT, Aristotle University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston Architectural College, and Hellenic American Educational Foundation. She has developed graduate and undergraduate courses in topics such as interventions in public space, history/theory of installations, models/model thinking, material/immaterial, and temporary structures.

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310 VAC, Studio Art
HB 6081
Studio Art
D Des (2011) Harvard University, Graduate School Design
M Arch (2006) Illinois Institute Technology, College of Architecture
Dipl Arch Eng (2003) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Polytechnic School
Erasmus Exchange Program, Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture

Selected Publications

Toloudi, Z. Architecture and Living Matter(s): From Art/Architectural Installations to Metabolic Aesthetics, The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture, ed. Charissa Terranova and Meredith Tromble, Routledge Press, 197-217 LINK


Toloudi, Z. Are We in the Midst of public Space Crisis? The Conversation (2016) LINK (original version, also published in Huffington Post, discussed in TrueReddit, and featured in The Aspen Institute)

Toloudi, Z. The Capsule as Cyborg Bioarchitecture, Technoetic Arts Journal, Volume 14, Issue 1-2: Complexism (Intellect Books, 2016) 95-104 LINK

Toloudi, Z. Exhibition as a Pedagogical Tool for Experimental and Public Architecture, Proceedings of ACSA 104: Shaping New Knowledges (Seattle, CA, 2016) 273-279 PDF

Toloudi, Z. Ordinary Lilli-Pot Spaces: Rendezvous in Tokyo, MAS Context, ed. Iker Gil, Issue 23: Ordinary (Chicago, IL, 2014) LINK

Toloudi, Z. Metaphrasis, Metamorphosis, and Traitorous Translations: A New Taxonomy of Relationships between Architecture and Gastronomy, Wentworth Architecture review, ed. Olivia Hegner, and Francesco Stumpo, Vol. 4 (Boston, MA, 2014)

Toloudi, Z. Natural and Artificial Light as Energy: Experiments in Space, Proceedings of ACSA 101: New Constellations, New Ecologies (San Francisco, CA, 2013) PDF

Toloudi, Z. Micro Ceasefire Under Shadow (MCUS): Perception and Production of the Sound and Visual Identity of an Urban Artificial Tree, Proceedings of ICSV17: 17th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (Cairo, Egypt, 2010) LINK

Toloudi, Z. Forming And Perceiving Architectonic Taste Through Picanico and Architaste, Proceedings of SIGraDi 2010: XIV Congress of Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics (Bogota, Colombia, 2010) LINK

Toloudi, Z. big-S M A L L: Design and Production Process for Families of Recursive Structures, Proceedings of the 1st International File to Factory Symposium (Chania, Greece, 2009) PDF

Toloudi, Z. Architectonic Brand Valuations using PICANICO: A Tag-Based Machine Learning, Proceedings of SIGraDi 2008: XII Congress of Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics (Havana, Cuba, 2008) LINK

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Selected Works and Activities


Speak! Listen! Act! Strauss Gallery, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (also curated), 2016

Leslie Center for the Humanities, Dartmouth College (art collection), 2016   

Illuminus Boston, HUBweek, Fenway, Boston, MA (public space)

Optotopia, New College of Optometry (NECO), Boston, MA (solo)       

metamaquette, Strauss Gallery, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (solo)
, 2014

MC Redux, Thessaloniki, Greece
, 2014

Designing for Free Speech, Theatrum Mundi, AIA New York, Center for Architecture, New York, NY
, 2014

Threcian Pinacotheca, Alexandroupolis, Greece (public space), 2014

Industry Lab, Cambridge, MA (solo), 2013

Stata Building, MIT, Cambridge, MA (public space)
, 2012

Garden Lab, Brant Gallery, MassArt, Boston, MA, 2012

13.3 Percent, Los Angeles, CA
, 2010

The Lab at Harvard 2010/11 Opening Celebration, Cambridge, MA, 2010

Artrages: Surrealestate Exhibition, East Boston, MA

SWANDAY 2010 [Support Women Artists Now], Cambridge, MA, 2010

Video Art Festival Miden 2009: Urban [R]evolutions, Kalamata, Greece, 2009

Un-built, The Athens Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens, Greece, 2008

1st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art: Other places, Thessaloniki, Greece
arch.city.art, Chicago, IL, 2007

Venice Biennale 2006: Cities. Architecture & Society, Venice, Italy, 2006

Vagabond: Art in Action, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2004

Amour Amour: Oktana, the utopian city, Technopolis – Gazi, Athens, Greece, 2001

Big Torino 2000, Biennale Arte Emergente, Torino, Italy
Aristotle, 2000

University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece (public space), 2000