Photography studios are located on the second floor of the Black Family Visual Arts Center. There are three photo-processing areas: one gang darkroom, one digital lab, and three private darkrooms. The area also includes three classrooms with 100” monitors for critiques, lectures, and digital printing workshops, in addition to a full range of Epson printers, up to 44” in output. There is also a photo studio with lighting, backdrops, and an equipment library for more advanced studio work. The supplementary course fee covers the cost of film, developing chemicals, photo paper, and negative sleeves in Photo I, and for upper level photo, color processing materials and digital photo printing.

About the Photography Program

Photo students are encouraged to use personal single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras as there are a limited number of classroom cameras that can be checked out. Students will learn how to develop and print their photos using the darkroom. Upper level classes may introduce color film or digital photography, as well as larger format cameras. All levels cover the history and genre of photography and encourage students to contextualize their work in current dialogues.