Sculpture courses are taught in studios located on the first floor of the Black Family Visual Arts Center. There are two rooms with worktables, floor space, lighting, and ceiling space for hanging work; a central room for all plasterwork supplied with plaster-specific tools; a tool room; as well as a woodshop and welding shop exclusively for the use of students enrolled in sculpture and independent studies.

About the Discipline

Students in Sculpture II, III, and figure sculpture are given the opportunity to use the welding shop. All students must go through a woodshop introduction and walkthrough with the Hopkins Center Student Woodworking Workshop and obtain a signed permit (Grey Card) before being allowed to use any woodworking machines. Sculpture students may also take advantage of the Hopkins Center Ceramics, Jewelry, and Woodworking Workshops in conjunction with certain assignments.

Supplementary course fees provide students with wood, plaster, wire, paper, burlap, fabric, metal, and other materials. There is also a limited budget for purchasing project-specific materials not otherwise available in the studios.