Current Interns

This year’s interns are Samantha Modder '17, Joshua Renaud '17, Amy Zhang '17, Aimee Sung '17, Dondei Dean '17, and Marina Massida '17. If you’d like to ask them any questions about the internship or major/minor, please do not hesitate to reach out to them. Read more below about our current interns.

2017 - 2018 Current Interns

Dondei Dean '17

Dondei Dean is from Los Angeles, CA, a city she loves for its vibrant arts culture. Her main concentration in Studio Art is painting, although drawing plays an important part in her work. During her time as an intern, Dondei looks forward to mentoring underclassmen and developing her work.

Marina Massidda '17

Marina Massidda grew up outside of Boston and cultivated an interest in drawing at an early age.  She graduated from Belmont High School and went into college knowing she would be pursuing art.  Her concentration in Studio Art is in painting, although she has worked with printmaking as well.  

Samantha Modder '17

Samantha Modder was born in Nigeria, where her mother is from, and raised in Sri Lanka, where her father is from. Her interest in art began when she was 13, inspired by her older sister and uncle who are both artists. Samantha is interested in figure drawing, comics and working  with mixed media and collage. At Dartmouth, Samantha is a double major in engineering and studio art. Next year she will be at Thayer School of Engineering finishing her Bachelors of Engineering. 

Joshua Renaud '17

Josh Renaud was born in Ottawa, ON and raised in Victoria, BC. His interest in art began at Dartmouth after taking Drawing 1 freshman fall. Josh's main concentration in Studio Art has been photography, although he hopes to continue expanding into abstract painting in the future. Josh hopes to complete an MFA after his time as an intern.

Aimee Sung '17

Aimee Sung is Korean Taiwanese who spent most of her life in Singapore, before coming to Dartmouth. Her multicultural experience has shaped her identity and impacts how she approaches art. In Studio Art, Aimee has been working mainly in pastel and acrylic, but she is interested in how diverse mediums such as ink and printmaking can be interweaved to create her own language. After graduation, Aimee will be interning with the Studio Department. 

Amy Zhang '17

Amy Zhang was a double major in Biology and Studio Art with concentrations in ecology and drawing. She hopes to one day work in art and science communication.