The Honors Program consists of a two-term course of study, completed during the class context of Senior Seminar I and II. To be eligible for the Honors Program, students must have achieved the following, by the end of junior year:

  • a 3.4 average in all Studio Art Major courses;
  • a 3.0 average in Dartmouth College courses
  • Drawing I and Drawing II;
  • and three terms of study in a specific area of architecture, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture (e.g., Sculpture I, Sculpture II, and Sculpture III).

By the end of senior fall term, students must:

  • have one professor who will advise them on their honors project throughout Senior Seminar;
  • submit a typed proposal outlining their final project, along with
  • 10 images of their work. These pieces must have been initiated on your own, and not as part of a class assignment.

A critique of this independent work will take place between Honors Program participants and the general faculty. Studio Art majors will be notified in writing of procedures for Honors. At the end of winter term, faculty will review all Honors students' work and determine whether or not their work is acceptable to continue in the program. An honors thesis is required by the end of spring term. Honors, if granted, is bestowed at the end of spring term.