The Studio Art major consists of 10 courses. The Department offers courses in architecture, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Drawing I is prerequisite to Painting I and to upper level drawing and sculpture courses. There are no prerequisites for Drawing I, Photo I, Printmaking I, Sculpture I, or Special Topics.

Since class sizes are limited and enrollments are heavy, Drawing I should be completed as early as possible.

Additional requirements for the major: SART 16, SART 20, SART 25, SART 76, SART 77, one Art History course, and three of the following: SART 17, SART 21, SART 22, SART 23, SART 26, SART 27, SART 28, SART 29, SART 30, SART 31, SART 65, SART 66, SART 68, SART 71, SART 72, SART 73, SART 74, SART 75 or SART 90. Figure Drawing may substitute either for the Drawing II or Drawing III requirement for the major. Figure Sculpture may substitute either for the Sculpture II or III requirement for the major.

SART 76 and SART 77 serve as the culminating experience in the major. Students are strongly encouraged to complete at least 3 course levels in one area of focus before taking senior seminar. The Senior Seminar work will be evaluated by the Studio Art Department faculty and outside examiners. Participation in a senior exhibition is a required part of the major.