Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar is a two-term culminating experience in the Studio Art major.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete at least 3 course levels in one area of focus before taking the senior seminar. The senior seminar work will be evaluated by the Studio Art Department faculty and outside examiners. Participation in a senior exhibition is a required part of the major. All senior majors will have an exhibition in late May.

SART 76 Senior Seminar I

The first half of the two-term culminating experience in Studio Art. The seminar is devoted to developing critical skills and a body of work predicated upon a student's ability to conceive, structure, sustain, and resolve an individual course of study in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, or architecture. Work will be reviewed by the faculty and an outside examiner.

SART 77 Senior Seminar II

A continuation of SART 76, with the additional expectation that each student will present at the conclusion of the term the body of work that will be his/her thesis. The thesis must be judged by the Studio Art faculty to be technically and aesthetically sound. From this work a selection will be made for the senior exhibition. Continuous individual and group critiques will be given of student work by the principal instructor, department faculty, and visiting artists,