Max Van Pelt

Max Van Pelt ’11 grew up in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from Dartmouth in 2011 with a Major in Studio Art concentrating in Architecture. During his two-term Senior Seminar, Max enjoyed many blissful days throwing sparks in the metal shop, drawing with imperceptibly small pieces of charcoal, and learning to become “spongelike.” Max pursued an Honors Thesis to study the function of specific moments or details as the unraveling points that yield larger unseen ideas and forms. This body of work emerged in welded steel sculpture with wood and cast concrete elements as well as large explosive drawings that thread between the geometries of architectural space and the artist’s mind freely responding from one element to the next. Over the next year in the oasis, Max will continue flushing out his love for art and for architecture, and is in no hurry to figure out the next step.