Artists of Dartmouth: Hannah O'Flynn

My name is Hannah O'Flynn. I am a film and media, studio art double major. All too often I find myself walking around the Visual Arts Center but not really knowing what everyone else is working on. Inspired by the famous “Humans of New York” Facebook page, I decided to create a page called “Artists of Dartmouth” for my presidential scholars project. My goal is to provide an interface to capture and share the works and stories of artists in the Dartmouth community. These artists can range from studio art professors, majors, and minors to visiting artist, students taking an art class for the first time, and artists in the broader Hanover community. I hope to foster a tighter bond within the community of Hanover by raising awareness of each other one piece, one artist, one story at a time. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project, please contact Hannah O'Flynn.

Link to the Facebook page