Broken Treaty letter cutting sessions

Above photo: Over the course of the summer, Gina Adams (standing), an artist-in-residence, has been using the text of broken treaties between the United States and Native American tribes as the basis for a community art project. Working with Dartmouth community members, Adams cuts out letters and posts the text of treaties in the windows of the Hopkins Center. (Photo by Kevin Yang ’20)

This was a performance-community art project where summer term ’18 Artist-in-Residence, Gina Adams, hosted Broken Treaty letter cutting sessions at Barrows Rotunda in the HOP and invited everyone to help. She worked on the "Treaty of Wyandot 1785." Once cut, the letters were be placed in the Rotunda's windows so that they could be read on the outside. This past Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018, was the last session, and now Gina has the letters in her studio at the Black Family Visual Arts Center where she will assemble them in the Broken Treaty Quilt.