Dartmouth’s Newest Endowed Professors

Article from Dartmouth News on September 26, 2018  by Charlotte Albright

Meet Dartmouth’s Newest Endowed Professors

The honors, given each year for multi-year terms, recognize outstanding research and teaching.

Eight members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences have begun fall term with new appointments to endowed professorships. Three others have been reappointed to the chairs they already hold. The honors, given each year for multi-year terms, recognize outstanding research and teaching across a wide swath of the College curriculum:

Soo Sunny Park

The Parents Distinguished Research Professorship in the Humanities

My work challenges the boundaries between sculpture, installation, and drawing. Individual pieces are hybrids, which fall between, rather than within, any of these categories. Sculptures are drawings, drawings are sculptures, and installations are sculptures and drawings all at once. I reconfigure boundary materials—fencing, plastic, glass, sheetrock—to expand and explore a variety of liminal spaces between inside and outside, sculpture and drawing, vision and perception, objects and their shadows. Light is usually treated as a liminal being: something that mediates our visual awareness of the world, but not something that we see in and of itself. In my work, light is not just a means by which the form is seen, but part of what constitutes the work of art. 

As a sculptor teaching in various genres of visual art, my primary goal is to guide students with active, creative, and engaging assignments, to provide inspiring visual resources and reading materials, and, in a broader sense, to facilitate the skill development needed to articulate ideas visually in each chosen discipline. My next projects include installations in Como, Italy, at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, N.J., and at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art in San Jose, Calif.

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