Intern Exhibition: Kaitlyn Hahn

Studio Art Intern Kaitlyn Hahn's show Media Overload  is on display in the Barrows Rotunda from September 17 to October 21, 2019.

Kylie Jenner and the world famous @world_record_egg. Swipe after swipe - food, selfie, news, food, selfie, news, selfie, selfie. This is the visual media that saturates our digital world, chosen from the top searches of our most used social media apps. Now this isn't anywhere close to what I imagined this set of photos would include — but it's a reflection of the internet. 

The way we process news has a lot to do with how we take it in. We ground our humor in memes and respond to our world crashing and burning with "its fine, everything's fine." Sandwiched between other people's lunches, riches, and best moments, we're told to love ourselves — while constantly being targeted with content that makes us feel incomplete, and hearing about the news of the places seemingly far from here. More than the news that pick up hashtag waves and celebrity endorsements. We have to process our reality at the same time that we're constantly seeking and swiping - aimlessly. Maybe we're just drawn to the light. In the end, we're the ones who give it power in and over our daily lives.