Dartmouth Alum KT's Exhibit at the Skoto Gallery

Katherine Taylor (KT) '97 is presenting her latest work, ARTic Creatures, at the Skoto Gallery in New York City October 24, 2019 – January 10, 2020.

This show is inspired by KT's residency with the Arctic Circle Program, which brings together international artists, scientists, architects, and educators to learn and collaborate in the field; her time with Project Puffin, a volunteer effort of the National Audubon Society to restore nesting grounds to the puffins of Maine; and her examination of specimens at the American Museum of Natural History.

KT is an artist who divides her time between Texas, the Adirondack mountains, and northern Spain, where her foundry, Alfa Arte, is located. KT's sculptures start in the outdoors and draw on the materiality of the landscape. She travels up mountains, across water, and into the woods to collect molds of natural textures. She then returns to her studio to piece together the textures she has collected in order to create her zoomorphic creatures. Her work is symbolic of how we interact with nature, fostering an appreciation and respect for its beauty and the wonder it provokes. KT graduated with a degree in Studio Art from Dartmouth College in 1997.