Breakfast with the Arts: Nan Darham

Please join the Studio Art Department for Breakfast with the Arts with artist and MALS graduate student Nan Darham.

Please join the Studio Art Department for Breakfast with the Arts with artist Nan Darham.

8:30—10 a.m.
Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Nearburg Gallery, Black Family Visual Arts Center

She introduced her poem scrolls to two of the tiniest of shells….shells she had found as a child in molten aquamarine depths of the Boiling River in Yellowstone Park and had buried long ago in a forgotten pocket. There was more than enuf space inside the tufted jacket, inside that huge pocket, but nevertheless, the shells, seeming of their own volution, pardoned themselves, rolled over ever so politely, and welcomed the poetry that had been curled up inside their twisted whorled torsos, etched onto their spiraled walled shells, shaped by the lips of sunken ages, chanted in tiny mollusk voices that only Dollie could hear and could scribe with the green fountain ink of their immensely profound and understated secrets.-------From "Treats of Tarnation" by Nan Darham, Independent Study with Barbara Kreiger, MALS

Nan Beber Darham is a graduate student in the Masters of Arts Liberal Studies program at Dartmouth from Bozeman, Montana. Her artwork and stories chronicle the culture, landscape, wildlife and characters that populate her life in the West. Her thesis concentration focuses on creativity, innovation and genius studies.

Her work has been exhibited in the offices of Senator Max Baucus, Washington DC, the Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT and is in the collection of the Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis MN. At Dartmouth her work has been shown in the Russo Gallery - Dickey Center and the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.