Spring Term 2020 Studio Art Classes Move Online

The Department of Studio Art Spring 2020 courses will be moving to a remote teaching format.

Due to this unexpected change, the department would like to provide further information about how the courses will be taught. There are three different teaching formats for spring term courses: synchronous teaching, asynchronous teaching, and a combination of the two. A synchronous class is taught in real time and will meet at a designated time via teleconferencing tools (e.g., Zoom). Asynchronous courses will be taught by providing students with pre-recorded lectures and course materials that they can access at any time mainly through Canvas. Some classes will use a mix of both methods. If you have limited or slow internet connection, or are in a time zone other than Eastern Standard Time, it may be difficult to participate in a course that is being taught synchronously. Please consider this and communicate with your professors and the Department of Studio Art with any questions or concerns so that you can succeed in your courses this term. Below is the list of Studio Art courses with information on how they will be taught during the term (please check back regularly for updates).

Spring 2020

SART 15 01 Drawing I (Randall) Synchronous and asynchronous

SART 15 02 Drawing I (Wilson)

SART 16 Sculpture I (Siegle) Synchronous and asynchronous

SART 17.22 Special Topics: Art and the Anthropocene (Seely)

SART 20/71 Drawing II/III (Ferrara) Asynchronous

SART 25 Painting I (Caine) Synchronous and asynchronous

SART 27/28/74 Printmaking I/II/III (Lee) Pending, but likely synchronous and asynchronous

SART 29 Photography (Beahan)

SART 30/75 Photography II/III (Seely)

SART 31/72 Painting II/III (Randall) Synchronous and asynchronous

SART 65 Architecture I (Toloudi) Synchronous and asynchronous

SART 66/68 Architecture II/III: Art, Architecture, and The Shrinking Public Space (Toloudi) Synchronous and asynchronous

SART 77 01 Senior Seminar (Kawiaka) Synchronous

SART 77 02 Senior Seminar (Auten)

SART 90 Independent Study (Contact your advisor)