Christina Seely's Videos Online at Euqinom

Assistant Professor Christina Seely has two videos Dissonance (2019) and De Temporales (Out of Time) (2014) currently streaming on Equinom Gallery's website through the rest of May.

Equinom Gallery will be showcasing the full-length version of two video works by Assistant Professor Christina Seely,  De Temporales (Out of Time) (2014)  and Dissonance (2019) for a limited time through the end of May. 
You may watch the videos on the Euqinom Gallery website where you can also read more about Seely's work. Below are descriptions about each of these ambitious works filmed between 2010 and 2019 in the arctic region of the Svalbard Territory, on The Galapagos Islands and on the Greenland ice sheet. The works are timely, speaking to the tentativeness of our relationship to the planet amplified by these uncertain times. 
De Temporales (Out of Time)
Single-channel, high definition video, 16:9 format
ceiling projection
Length: 10:42, looped
The piece De Temporales, meaning 'out of time' in Latin, is made up of footage from first-hand encounters with vulnerable species in the Arctic and tropics. Snow falling from winter darkness and a sun setting at hyper-speed represent the instability of seemingly fixed indicators of time and the implied impacts of climate change on the environments and species depicted.

The piece is designed to play continuously rear-projected on the ceiling so that the viewer is lying below it. In places the digital realm is revealed through subtle artifacts of the digital matrix and the adjustment of the camera while filming point back to the human role in these encounters.

The animal subjects are the arctic fox, a coat changing species that is increasingly out of synch with new climate patterns filmed on the island of Longyearbyen in the Svalbard Archipelago. And a baby sea lion that continuously interrupted me because she wanted to play while I was filming the surface of the Pacific Ocean on the edge of the island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos.

Dissonance, 2019
HD video installation with sound
16 x 9 format
Running time: 32 minutes
Edition of 3 + 2 AP
(Use headphones for optimal experience)
Dissonance includes footage from the Greenland ice sheet in the summer of 2019, the hottest on record. The artist positions her own body in the piece, working hard to hold onto small glistening pieces of ice as they melt against the heat of her fingers and hand, registering the kinetic energies of melting ice and the magnitude and multitudes of the landscape around her. It is a humbling moment, a reflection on our human vulnerability and power to impact.