Professor Soo Sunny Park to participate in FUTURES exhibition at the Smithsonian

FUTURES - November 20th - July 6, 2022

Professor Park will participate in a site-specific commission project for the FUTURES exhibition at the Arts and Industrial Building, Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC (Nov- June 2022).

The show, titled "Futures," will be held at the Smithsonian's storied Arts and Industries Building, which has been largely closed to the public for two decades. Dating to 1881, the building, which served as the first home for the U.S. National Museum, has undergone a renovation and is once again ready to welcome the public with an interdisciplinary, immersive exhibition asking them to consider how art and technology continue to shape our world. There will be more than 150 objects to examine, including artifacts of scientific and technological advancement placed alongside works engaging the tools of the future. For the exhibition, five contemporary artists are commissioned to create artwork for the Smithsonian debut in FUTURES: Beatriz Cortez, Nettrice Gaskins, Soo Sunny Park, Devan Shimoyama, and Tamiko Thiel and/p, artwork in diverse media including augmented reality, A.I., found objects, and industrial materials.

Read more about the exhibition in the New York Times here.