Barrows Rotunda

Broken Treaty Letter Cutting Sessions with Gina Adams

You are all invited to the new project of Gina Adams as part of her artist-in-residence at Dartmouth. A performance-community art project where she will be cutting letters at Barrows Rotunda in the HOP and inviting everyone to help. She will be working on the "Treaty of Wyandot 1785." Once cut, the letters will be placed in the Rotunda windows so that they can be read on the outside. After completion Gina will take the letters to her studio at the Black Family Visual Arts Center and will assemble them in the Broken Treaty Quilt.

Sessions Schedule:

  • Monday August 6 - 4pm-6pm
  • Tuesday August 7- 4pm-6pm
  • Wednesday August 8- 2pm-4pm

And the last two sessions:

  • Monday August 13th   -4pm-6pm
  • Tuesday August 14th - 4pm-6pm



Student Workshop Exhibition

Student Workshops' annual exhibit of student work created in one of the three workshops: Ceramics, Jewelry-Metals, and Woodworking.These three extensively equipped Hopkins Center's studios provide all students with an opportunity to do their own creative work with instruction and support by professional artists and craftspeople.;; 

Intern Exhibition: Julian MacMillan

Studio Art Intern, Julian MacMillan presents his exhibition: "Selective Memory."

By solidifying images into objects, "Selective Memory" explores memory's unreliability, and wonders about memory as a building block for identity. Moving between the decorative and the apparently functional, utilizing drawing, collage, sculpture, and photography, the installation takes pleasure in this gradience. Materiality and process lend traction and meaning to imagery. 

 Jan. 29 - Feb. 14, 2018, Barrows Exhibition Rotunda, Hopkins Center

Intern Exhibition: Jennifer Ontiveros

Studio Art Intern, Jennifer Ontiveros, presents her show:

The Undiscovered: Sculptures, Drawings & Animation

January 9 - February 15, 2017

Barrows Exhibition Rotunda
Hopkins Center

The Undiscovered is an exploration of the role of God as they undergo the process of designing beings. I have drawn some of my inspiration from organic and natural forms like vegetables, plants, and sea life. Raw vegetables act as the basis for my own imagined creatures that began as a study on lines and color. This later progressed into vivid hues that enhance the quadrants of each creature. These small-scale drawings became the genesis of the 3D forms in my exhibit, which are wall sculptures that provide an exploration of the paper mâché process and are my own way of bringing my drawings into the third dimension.  Lastly, the animation loop that populates one side of the exhibit wall is a way of bringing the drawings to life through pulsating movements. The animation can be viewed everyday from 4pm to 10pm.

Intern Exhibition: Benjamin Albrecht

Studio Art Intern, Benjamin Albrecht, presents his show:

Containing Chaos

October 24 - November 22, 2016

Barrows Exhibition Rotunda
Hopkins Center

"Much of my work involves introducing elements of chaos and randomness, which I then use as stimuli to respond to. For Containing Chaos, I allowed these elements to the forefront. Working intuitively, I let the paint run where it did, directing in a very limited way, the placement of the colors on the surfaces. Letting go of control and expectations, the randomness on the canvas informed my decisions. The way I see it, all endeavors to bring something into being are a collaboration between personal individual efforts and the often chaotic forces present within the world that are beyond control. The law of entropy says things tend to disorder. Remembering this when setting about planning, organizing, and structuring within the world and especially when things fall apart can instill a sense of peace whilst working within the chaos. Embrace entropy."